Stop your visitors in their tracks by showing off your brand personality in a visually dynamic way!

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Before you create your About Page, let me tell you a story.

You’re about to take a huge, vulnerable leap.

You’ve asked friends if they knew anybody that would be the right fit, and you’ve been on countless blind dates...but nothing has been quite right.

So here we go! Nothing to lose, right?


With extra sweaty palms, you sit down at the table, across from a total stranger for the next 5 minutes. You’re speed-dating!

You don’t have a lot of time, and the stakes are high; you need to find the right person.

So you’re sitting at the table, watching your maybe Mr. Right approach...and you’re nervous, but you’re hopeful. Hey! He’s pretty cute. Great hair, healthy build, and a lovely set of sparkly white teeth.

Then he sits down.

He smiles at you with all those shiny teeth (they might actually be too shiny), and then…

* He rattles off a bunch of lines he clearly just memorized. “Something, something...top real estate agent...yada, yada...me me MEEEEE!”

* When he’s finished his elevator pitch, he doesn’t ask any questions or even really look at you.

* He just sits there, waiting for you to...I don’t know. Congratulate him?

* Seriously...what’s with those teeth? This is just getting awkward.

Thankfully, the buzzer goes off and you never have to see his face (or shiny teeth) again.

Well, that didn’t go very well - for either of you! I’m willing to bet that Mr. Wrong doesn’t even realize how awful that date was for you. He might even think it went great.

You, on the other-hand, were expecting magic! But that's not what you got.

When a visitor lands on your About Page, she’s hoping that you’re the right fit for her. She’s hoping for magic too! You’ve only got a few moments to connect, or you’ll lose her.

Your About Page on your website is just like that speed dating table. You’ve only got a few moments to connect with the people who come there to meet you, or you’ll lose them.

When you show up to the table, you want to bring the best of your brand personality and show your ideal clients that you are there for them - not for yourself.

Creating an About Page feels really hard, because you think it’s supposed to be all about you…

* You’ve watched the webinars and written the “elevator speech”

* You’ve listed your accomplishments and credentials, because that will make you seem more trustworthy, right?

* Once you get that all out and on the page, you just kind of let it sit there.

* Maybe you toss a professional headshot in there for good measure...you’ve even got a blazer on. So profesh!

That’s enough, right? Can we just call it a day?

No, because you can do SO much better.

You can show your visitors the real you: a unique and interesting person who cares about what they need.

You can make a beautiful page that is visually compelling and creates a connection with your readers that you’ll never get with a 3-line, memorized elevator pitch and a headshot.

An about page with interesting visual elements is key in showing who you truly are and how you can uniquely help people in a way that will feel fun and interesting - because it’s not all about you.

And when you choose a Call to Action for your reader and build your page to visually lead her to take that action, it will stop her in her tracks and actually get her to move towards hiring you or buying your product.



Your Instructor

Amanda Creek
Amanda Creek

Hi, I’m Amanda Creek, the owner and designer over at Amanda Creek Creative. I help creative women entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and create amazing businesses using their creative talents by getting their business and brand set up online.

Not when I know you’ve got the most amazing talent and message to offer, and it’s really not that difficult to make your sad first impression into something that will spark a really exciting relationship.

I’m offering About Page Magic for the first time as a Beta course, where you can learn in an atmosphere that is geared specifically to you.

The course will only be offered at the Beta price for a limited time.

As a Beta test student for a one time fee of $147, you will receive:

* Four weekly video lessons with worksheets to help you to create:

* A call-to-action for your About Page that will take your reader to the next step toward actually becoming your customer.

* A featured graphic for your About Page that will grab your reader’s attention within the first few seconds of viewing the page.

* A timeline graphic for your About Page that will visually breakdown the history of your business and credentials, without the long, drawn out life history.

* An about video for your About Page that will give your reader the face to face interaction that’s often lost when your business lives online.

* A complete resource PDF file, so that you can use all of the tech pieces I’ve found and love to share with friends, when you create your own About Page.

* Two live group-calls with me! I can’t wait to help you with your questions and help you to take action on your page, and you will have the chance to help form how this course will develop too.

* A private Facebook Group, where we will have weekly check-ins, one bonus FB Live call from me to answer your questions and add additional info, as well as an opportunity for you to share your About Page with the rest of the group for personal feedback.

* Your “Did I make the most of my 5 minutes?” About Page checklist.

* If there is enough interest, you will all have first access (with a discount too!) to my very own favorite copywriting expert, Kris (With a K) from With a K Writing Academy, to help you find the words to go with your new beautiful page.

When the class relaunches, in the Fall, you’ll gain access to all of the new premium features without further charge.

* Case studies showing examples how to effectively create each visual piece of your About Page (you could even get a chance to be one of these and have your page highlighted for all future students).

* Bonus videos - including how to use a visual drag and drop builder in WordPress to create a layout that you love.

* Even more videos and printable worksheets to make your About Page stand out.

Share your brand personality in a visually dynamic way and connect to your visitors’ needs to stop them in their tracks, before the buzzer goes off and your five minutes are up.

Class Curriculum

  Welcome & Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: How To Create a Featured Graphic For Your About Page
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: How To Create A Timeline Graphic For Your About Page
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: How To Create An About Video For Your About Page
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonuses & Extras
Available in days
days after you enroll


Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an About Page. Do I need to take this course?
Your About Page is the second most viewed page on your website. It’s where people figure out whether or not they trust you and and if they want to buy your thing. If you have an About Page, but your analytics show that most people click quickly away or people are leaving your site without ever working with you, then there is definitely info in this course to help you use visual elements to make your About Page more effective.
What happens if I can’t join the Live Calls?
I’m offering two live calls, so hopefully you will be able to join at least one. If you aren’t able to show up live, you can submit your questions beforehand and there will be a replay of the calls.
How much time do I need each week to complete the course?
The beta course will run from August 15th until September 9th. If you set aside a few hours a week during that time, you’ll be able to watch and complete all of the course work. Plus, you’ll have forever access to the course, which you’ll be able to return to even after the beta live portion has ended.
What if I don’t have the tech that you use inside the course?
I will give you a resource PDF inside the course to help you find the software and tools you'll need for the course. Also, I do my best to find free or affordable options for you to use to create the things needed to do the course. I'll use this software to teach you.
When does the course start and finish?
The live beta portion of the course starts August 15th and ends on September 9th, but you have access to the course forever.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I have more questions?
Email me at hello@amandacreekcreative.com and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Stop your visitors in their tracks by showing off your brand personality in a visually dynamic way!

Get started now!